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Can I download a spreadsheet of contacts?

Yes you can import a spreadsheet of data directly into Sales Navigator on your iPhone or iPad. To learn how import contacts from a spreadsheet onto your device and into Sales Navigator, click here.

Is an Android version available?

We are planning to release an Android version of Sales Navigator in 2018.

Why are my contacts in showing in red?

When an address is not found it will be displayed in red in the contacts menu. If most of your contacts are in red and are not showing on the map, please follow the steps outlined here.

Can I sync between the iPad and iPhone app?

Custom Groups are local to the device that you are using while External Groups are shareable between devices. To share contacts, notes and appointments between the iPhone and iPad in Sales Navigator create an iCloud account and sync both devices to the account.

Is Sales Navigator able to show a route between appointments?

Yes, with Sales Navigator’s trips feature you can see a route between your daily appointments and flexible meeting tasks. In the trips window you can also optimize sale routes, get directions, view your ETA and travel time. Learn more about creating and optimizing sales routes here.

Will Sales Navigator function without constant Internet connection?

Sales Navigator can mostly operate without constant Internet Service. However, certain functions that use Apple maps will not operate without a constant Internet connection.

Is Sales Navigator available in any other languages?

Sí, ja, oui, yes!  In fact, Sales Navigator is now offered in 17 languages including; English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified + Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.