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Module 1: Getting Started

Sales Navigator for Salesforce Training


Initial Launch Screens

The first screen you will see when you launch Sales Navigator for Salesforce, is a login screen. Log in with your Salesforce credentials to get started. Next, you will be asked to import contact groups from your device’s address book. Choose groups to sync with the app or tap ‘Done’ to continue to the app without import.

Once Sales Navigator has finished mapping synced contacts, you will be brought to the app. All appointments in iCal and all Salesforce tasks will automatically appear in Sales Navigator. Location based tasks and calendar appointments will be shown as a route on the map.


Icon Key: Menu Bar

Home Screen ss  Main Menu: tap this icon to open the main menu where you will find access to all features of the app.

icon-sf-sync   Salesforce Import/Sync Icon: tap the import icon to import Salesforce data. Import all standard and custom objects and import views created in Salesforce. Also, choose fields to import into groups.  This is also where you will see the tally of recent activity with your Salesforce data.  Tap this icon to manually sync this activity to Salesforce.

icon-contact-blue-active@2x   Contact menu: tap this icon to view your imported contacts in a list view. Here, you will also find the different map views, such as radial search.

icon-group-blue-active@2x  Group menu: tap the groups icon to view imported and custom groups of contacts. Here, you will also be able to create and edit custom/automatic Salesforce groups.

icon-task-blue-active@2x   Task Icon: tap the task icon to view your daily tasks. Tasks include email, phone, event, meeting and other. Create new tasks and set priority or status in this menu as well.

icon-trip-blue-active@2x    Trips Icon: tap the trips icon to see your daily routes in a list view with appointments and meeting tasks. Here, you can view directions between stops, your ETA, distance and travel time.

icon-recent-blue-active@2x   Recent Activity Icon: tap recent activity to view all recently completed tasks.

icon-calling    Sales Navigator Calling Keypad: Sales Navigator calling is an additional feature that is not included in a standard license. Contact us to learn more,

icon-info-blue-active@2x   Settings Icon: tap the settings icon to manage your account settings.

icon-circle-blue-active@2x  Circle View: Tap the circle view icon to quickly pull up the circle/radial view of your map

icon-location-blue-active@2x   Current Location Icon: this icon takes you to your current location on the map.

icon-earth-blue-active@2x   Map Settings Icon: this icon is where you will find all map settings including Standard/Satellite view and Filter by Address Label


Importing Data from Salesforce

To start using Sales Navigator, you will need to import your data from Salesforce.

1. Tap the Import Icon ( icon-sf-sync ) on the menu bar.
2. Choose the Salesforce object you would like to import.

3. On the next screen, you will see views of objects set up in your Salesforce org. Tap on a view to import. *You can import any number of views into Sales Navigator.

4. Next, tap ‘Import’ and Sales Navigator will begin mapping addresses.

5. You will now see red delete buttons next to imported views. Tap ‘Back’ and tap ‘Done to continue to the map.

Thanks for using Sales Navigator for Salesforce! Please contact us with any feedback or questions!