Product Features

Sales Navigator for Salesforce

Plan, manage and close more deals with Sales Navigator for Salesforce

Sales Navigator for Salesforce has a robust feature set designed to help field sales teams be more productive on the road. Our platform will support your team in reaching their sales targets by optimizing their schedules, helping them find nearby leads or opportunities and organizing their sales schedules. With the support of Sales Navigator, sales teams are able to plan, manage and close more deals on the road.

Visualize Salesforce Data Geographically

Add another dimension to your Salesforce data by visualizing geographically. No more guessing who is nearby or what is the best route, instantly locate nearby leads and opportunities to be more efficient out on the road.


  • Geolocate any standard or custom Salesforce objects
  • Map by address or latitude/longitude
  • View all related objects and custom Salesforce settings
  • Locate nearby opportunities and plan geographically

Targeted Planning Made Simple

With automatic and custom grouping in Sales Navigator you can organize your Salesforce data, your way. No more running reports or pulling views, grouping makes it easy to locate your best customers and prospects.


  • Create Automatic groups from Salesforce fields
  • Organize your data, your way with custom group options
  • Choose from over 100 customizable pins and colors
  • Use advanced group filtering to target specific data on the map

Less Time Planning, More Time Selling

Spend less time planning out on the road with Sales Navigator’s schedule optimization. Simply add tasks and appointments to your daily task list, tap the optimize button and Sales Navigator will plan the best route for you!


  • Plan routes with meeting tasks and calendar appointments
  • Set start and end times/locations to create a full trip
  • Get ETA, distance, travel and directions between stops
  • Use schedule optimization to plan the best daily routes

Reduce Manual Data Entry in Salesforce

Reduce manual data entry in Salesforce by planning and taking notes in Sales Navigator. Just tap sync to capture updates in Salesforce automatically without having to worry about entering data when you get home.


  • View all open activities from Salesforce in a task list
  • Create and synchronize tasks to Salesforce in Sales Navigator
  • Easily manage task status and priority from the list
  • View all recent activity to better manage relationships

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