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Upgrade: What’s New in 5.3?

Recently, we have heard from a lot of you that your experience with Sales Navigator for the iPad has not been to the standard you have come to expect. Many of you have been experiencing problems with the mapping of your addresses especially in Europe. To address these... read more

Tips and Tricks: Using Advanced Filtering

In the last tips and tricks post, we showed you how to create lead flows in Sales Navigator using custom groups. This week we will show you how you can target specific types of customers and prospects using the advanced filtering feature of groups.   Targeting... read more

Tips and Tricks: Visualizing Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to visualize the dollar amount of your opportunities on the map? In this post of our tips and tricks series, we will show you how you can easily map and visualize the dollar amount of your opportunities in Sales Navigator. Mapping opportunities... read more

Mobilize Your Sales Team with Sales Navigator!

We are proud to announce the latest version of Sales Navigator for iPad is available for download in the iTunes App Store. The path to this release was paved by our team’s experience in field sales and more importantly, feedback from our current users.  “We... read more

New Integration! Oracle Sales Cloud

The Sales Navigator team is happy to announce a new product coming soon to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Sales Navigator for Sales Cloud will be a new product with full integration coming Q1 2015. Sales Navigator will now help your visualize and mobilize your Oracle... read more

Sales Navigator heads to Dreamforce ’14

When two members of our executive leadership team attended Dreamforce in 2012, they were so impressed by the energy and innovation of the Salesforce community at the conference, that they made a company goal to be conference sponsors by 2013.  We achieved that goal,... read more